in mexico – searching for “bad hombres”

Mr. Trump, the president of the United States, warned of “bad hombres” coming from Mexican. The ones bringing the drugs, rape, crime. His caveat was that he assumed that some were “good people”
On Inauguration Day we exited the United States to head to Mexico. I had made a solemn pledge to leave the US if Trump was elected president. In full disclosure, I made a solemn pledge to leave the US if Hillary Clinton was elected president. A no lose proposition.
I have nothing but fondness for Mexico. I have traveled widely in the country, but not widely enough. My daughters studied in Cuernavaca. Much of the American southwest was Spanish/Mexican and we incorporate their food, customs and culture into the mosaic that is America.
I do not like the demonizing of any peoples, races or groups. It is mean and mindless.
So, I am here in Mexico in search of bad hombres and good experiences. My seasons in Saigon has ended; now it is a new adventure!


About Dr. Roy Nirschel

Thirty years experience as an educator; international traveler, occasional writer, on a personal journey. Author of My Seasons in Saigon (available at Upon the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States I promised to go to Mexico; I did! Carol and I are here now. In the spirit of full disclosure, I promised to go to Mexico if Hillary Clinton was elected president too. The Seasons in Saigon are over; I am uncertain about Vietnam for many reasons despite my love for the country. Now it is Mexico time.

2 responses to “in mexico – searching for “bad hombres””

  1. Pamela Toper says :

    Hi Roy, Are you going to live in Mexico? What part do you like the best so far? Best wishes for you on your new journey. Pamela and George

    • Dr. Roy Nirschel says :

      great to hear from you both! Carol and I are exploring Mexico; I have visited many times and loved it and am angry/sad that Trump demonizes the country and great people. We were just in Guanajuato – a gorgeous, culturally rich university city in the north; are now in San Agustinillo as beach bums (George – lots of marinas an hour from where we are but we have been surfing, seeing and swimming with dolphins and living life). Next stops – Oaxaca , San Cristobal de las Casas, Palenque ruins, a short stint in Guatemala and then Campeche and Merida…..a 6 week sampler. I will keep you posted and check our pics on facebook – also friend carol Thompson for the latest pics! Roy

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