Writers “Bloc”

In year’s long time, American pundits referred to China, Russia, Eastern Europe and, yes, Vietnam, as all part of the “Communist bloc”.  The term “bloc” signified a misunderstanding that ideology alone is what defines a country. 

Spelled with an additional letter, k, writer’s “block” is what prevents a would-be author from completing a story – be it a novel, short story, poem, fiction, non fiction or somewhere in between.

I have dabbled at writing over the decades (including this on again, off again attempt at a blog).  A few poems published here and there, guest articles on the world, Jack Kerouac, and other elements of life; even a short stint as a free-lancer (under the pseudonym Alden Pyle) for the English language version of Thahn Nien -a very good Vietnamese daily. But I came to realize that the “writers block” preventing me from completing any major project – like a book – was self-inflicted, not externally imposed.

So now, I have a writer’s bloc – two pieces written, edited professionally, and published.    One, “Class Wars” (the name given it by the magazine) appears in the Jan-Feb issue of The American Interest – a journal of politics,policy and culture with a heavyweight masthead.     It will also be on their website soon I believe.

The other, a labor of love, is “My Seasons in Saigon”, my honest reflections on Vietnam from my experiences of the past several years.  It portrays Vietnam as a country, not a war, with all its wonderment and warts, and how I got to Saigon from Stamford Connecticut USA – a journey that has taken nearly a lifetime.

Amazon has My Seasons in stock and a kindle version will be out in the new year – either the Western new year of January 1 or the TET Lunar New Year celebrated in Asia which starts at the end of January.

If you read it, and like it, I would love to hear; the same as if you dont (like it that is).    I have loved my seasons in Saigon and hope that everyone reading this blog will find joy in every season – no matter where you are.  



About Dr. Roy Nirschel

Thirty years experience as an educator; international traveler, occasional writer, on a personal journey. Author of My Seasons in Saigon (available at amazon.com). Upon the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States I promised to go to Mexico; I did! Carol and I are here now. In the spirit of full disclosure, I promised to go to Mexico if Hillary Clinton was elected president too. The Seasons in Saigon are over; I am uncertain about Vietnam for many reasons despite my love for the country. Now it is Mexico time.

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