How my seasons in saigon started

How my seasons in saigon started

The odyssey that brought me to Vietnam is not as long as the Iliad (but on some times feels like it)

It has taken four decades to get here.   Recently my hometown newspaper, the Stamford (CT) Advocate allowed me to serve as a guest columnist.   The link above (which I hope works) tells you a bit more about that journey -and the changes which have occurred during this great adventure – in the world, in Vietnam, and in me. 


About Dr. Roy Nirschel

Thirty years experience as an educator; international traveler, occasional writer, on a personal journey. Author of My Seasons in Saigon (available at Upon the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States I promised to go to Mexico; I did! Carol and I are here now. In the spirit of full disclosure, I promised to go to Mexico if Hillary Clinton was elected president too. The Seasons in Saigon are over; I am uncertain about Vietnam for many reasons despite my love for the country. Now it is Mexico time.

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