The girl who played with fire

“The girl who played with fire” is part of a trilogy of books and films to come out of Norway.

Not to be outdone, the Vietnamese press has reported the following: “girl, who is a fire-starter, mystifies scientists”.

In the truth is stranger than fiction category, the media is in a frenzy here over an 11 year old local who has “such unusual powers” as to cause objects to burst into flames just by her presence.  Her father noticed something was “unusual” when their home electrical system was mysteriously short-circuited and taking her to visit neighbors resulted in similar power outages.

A homemade video has shown the girl on vacation with her family, spontaneously combusting her hotel mattress and fan by her supernatural powers, causing burns to the family and no doubt upsetting the Vung Tau resort hotelier.

Fires have occurred wherever she has gone over the past month, a scientist with the heretofore unheard of “Research Center of Human Potential” reports. Scientists are studying her blood, urine, skin tissue for unusual fire-starting properties.  The department of geo-biological energy at Hong Bang University has declared her “unusual”

I am told that the sighting of ghosts and spirits is routine in Vietnam. I was even warned to expect apparitions on my visit to Con Dao, an off-shore island and former prison camp where thousands perished.  I admit I had odd dreams there but the fire-starter girl is unique.

Help is on the way.  An international conference is slated to examine the cause of her condition. Findings are expected soon from the VN Physics Institute. And, the young lady still goes to school and lives at home, both of which have been equipped with fire extinguishers.

This blog may merit a follow-up!


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